New & Noteworthy: New Year's Eve Eve Edition


The year 2014 is nearly over, and while you could try cramming in a couple of these great new books before breaking out the champagne and balloons, we recommended starting 2015 with a fresh to-read list.

Contemporary Women

RubyTues IfOnlyYouKnew InAMoment


Get Swept Away in a Fantastical Romance

MagicFound WhisperofaWitch PenanceStone

Improve Your Health

TheBiggestLoser TheHonestLife BigBookofMarathonTraining BigBookofExercises TheKindDiet WheatBelly

Learn Something New

DontCallMeInspirational InAQueerVoice ConceivingMasculinity BrooklynSunsetPark Leningrad DengXiaoping DavidLynch

On and Off the Field

AndreaPirlo Moonwalker Barca


Perfect for Early Readers

StaroftheWeek TheMostMagnificentThing NinjaCowboyBear

Great Children's Nonfiction

SoldiersDogs AaronRodgers KevinDurant AbondonedAmusement

Christina F.