We Tried It: Vanilla, Lavender & Earl Grey Chocolate Pudding


Brandy Green is one of Scribd’s designers, and she also happens to be a terrific photographer. After seeing the shots of a recent dish she made from The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings—the cookbook from the team behind the beautifully designed and photographed magazine Kinfolk—we knew we had to pick her brain on making such a photogenic pudding. We’ll let Brandy take it from here:

The Kinfolk Table is all about simple living, small gatherings, and sharing food. The recipes are easy to make, well explained, and beautifully pictured.

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I was really excited to try this recipe, since I'm slightly obsessed with lavender. After discovering the Sonoma Lavender Festival a few years back, I have made it a point to go back to the festival each year to gather as many local lavender goods as I can. Then I came across this recipe that combines all the loveliest flavors within a single pudding—including my favorite, lavender!

This recipe serves 4 to 6 people. I decided to double it for my party of 8. I felt that the 12 cup of steeped Earl Grey tea and lavender water wasn't strong enough to be tasted over the bittersweet chocolate, so I decided to add another 14 cup of steeped Earl Grey tea and lavender water. After refrigerating overnight, everything tasted perfect. The grey-lavender notes lingered in the pudding in the most mouth-watering way. I would say you could add even more cream and flavored water to lighten the thickness of the pudding.


The Kinfolk Table’s Vanilla, Lavender, and Earl Grey Chocolate Pudding with Sea Salt

Serves 4 to 6


    • 1 Earl Grey tea bag
    • 1 tbsp dried edible lavender flowers
    • 14 cup of boiling water
    • 300 grams of bittersweet chocolate (60-70% cacao), finely chopped
    • 2 tbsp vanilla extract
    • 1 cup heavy cream
    • 1 tsp sea salt, plus more to finish
    • Lightly sweetened whip cream


Steep the tea and lavender in the boiling water for 5 minutes in a large bowl. Remove tea bag and squeeze to release the water into the bowl. Add chocolate and vanilla to bowl and stir until chocolate starts to melt (it won’t melt very much, but don’t worry—the cream will melt it thoroughly).

Meanwhile, bring the cream to a boil over medium-high heat in a small saucepan. Immediately pour into bowl with chocolate mixture. Stir until completely smooth and all chocolate is melted. Stir in sea salt.

Pour the mixture into 4 to 6 ramekins, coffee, or tea cups. Press a piece of plastic wrap directly onto the top of the pudding surface of each dish. Refrigerate for a least 2 hours or until pudding is chilled and set. Up to 24 hrs in advance.

To serve, remove plastic wrap and top with lightly sweetened whip cream, lavender, and sea salt if desired.