The Force is Strong with These Audiobooks

star_wars_blog Forget about the 12 days of Christmas—Star Wars fans have been lining up outside theaters 12 days before the release of The Force Awakens. By now, you’ve probably re-watched the original trilogy multiple times, and may have even broken down and re-watched Episodes I-III despite your better judgment. But three movie trilogies cannot contain all the exciting stories from a galaxy far, far away, so it’s time to continue the adventures with the Star Wars audiobooks.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe is the gift that keeps on giving: New books have been coming out steadily for decades, including the recently released Star Wars: Aftermath, a story that’s part of the official canon and set up for The Force Awakens. No matter what character or plotline you’re most interested in exploring, there’s something in the Expanded Universe for every fan.

The Force is Strong with These Not sure where to start? Here are some of the very best the Expanded Universe has to offer:The Force is Strong with These

The Women of Star Wars Rey is just one of the many awesome women in Star Wars:The Women of Star Wars collection

Star Wars: Abridged Universe Get through as much of the Expanded Universe as possible before the latest film with these abridged versions:abridged versions collection

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