20 Audiobooks for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

holiday travel new Heading home for the holidays means family, food, and evenings spent all snuggled up by a cozy fireplace—but first you have to get through the security line at the airport. Crowded airplanes, squabbling children, flight delays: Holiday travel is enough to make anyone sympathize with the Grinch. Whether your travel plans involve a long drive with the kids, an all-nighter on the road, a dreaded layover, or a hectic flight, there’s an audiobook to keep your holiday spirit afloat. And by the time you reach your destination? Your heart might just have grown three sizes.


Drive All Night

Got a long drive ahead of you? Stay wide awake with these chilling winter thrillers riding shotgun: ready thrillers



Layover Life Support

For those long layovers when you wish you were anywhere but the airport terminal, these engrossing tales will transport you to another world: ready escape



Find Your Happy Place

We know—it can be a real challenge to not go all Scrooge on your armrest-hogging neighbor. Find your inner Tiny Tim with these listens: ready happiness



Peace in the Backseat

When carols on the radio just aren’t cutting it anymore, break out one of these kid-approved holiday stories and enjoy some much-needed calm: ready childrens


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