Fresh Reads for Urban Gardeners

Now that your home is looking spic ‘n’ span, it’s time to take advantage of those April showers to get the most out of May’s flowers. Whether you’re known for your green thumb (and your veggie gardens!) or you’re a complete novice hoping to grow an herb or two on the balcony, these books can make your spring gardening dreams a reality.

Sugar Snaps and Strawberries on Scribd

Sugar Snaps and Strawberries

This simple guide is everything the first time gardener needs to get started. From sizing up your garden’s microclimates to picking out the best plants for your soil, this book is filled with advice to create the most attractive and productive garden in your space.

The Edible Balcony on Scribd

The Edible Balcony

Second floor living without a yard? That’s no reason you can’t have a garden of your own. This creative guide to growing veggies and more in the most unlikely spaces is filled with indispensable advice for urban dwellers.

Backyard Foraging on Scribd

Backyard Foraging

For those who don’t have the time or inclination to garden but still want to get in on fresh-from-the-vine eats, this guide to foraging goes way beyond mushrooms, taking locavore tendencies to the next level.

Grow Your Food for Free on Scribd

Grow Your Food for Free

Hoping to do a full garden redesign (without spending a fortune)? This creative guide to garden DIY projects covers everything from making a garden shed using found materials to storing your veggies without a freezer.

The Unexpected Houseplant on Scribd

The Unexpected Houseplant

As much a guide to keeping indoor plants happy and healthy as a manual on interior decoration, this book features all sorts of creative and surprising ways to make your home a little brighter.


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