What You Missed: Trump Tweets, Rock Hall of Fame, and More

In What You Missed, we round up the best stories for you to read on your evening commute. 

Terrorism is reportedly to blame for two separate attacks this week: A car rammed into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring many others; an off-duty policeman shot and killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey at an art museum in Ankara.

President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to condemn the attacks, calling the Ankara gunman a “radical Islamic terrorist” and that terrorists “must be eradicated from the face of the Earth.”

This isn’t the first time — and probably won’t be the last time — that Trump has used Twitter as a sounding board for his feelings. He also took a dig at Bill Clinton and told China that it could keep the U.S. drone they found in the South China Sea. 

North Carolina leaders voted Monday to repeal the controversial HB2 law. The law is also called “the bathroom bill,” because it forced transgender people to use restrooms in accordance with what’s on their birth certificates. The law has cost the state jobs and money, and possibly a second term for the state’s governor. 

Ready To Rock

Tupac Shakur, Pearl Jam, Yes to be inducted into Rock Hall

The 2017 class of inductees also includes Joan Baez, Journey, and Electric Light Opera. Not on the list (again): the disco-era band Chic, which has been nominated 11 times but has never made the cut. The 32nd induction ceremony will take place in April. 

Want To Live Longer? Get a Female Doctor

Evidence of the superiority of female doctors

New research by Harvard University shows that people with female doctors were 4 percent lower relative risk of dying and 5 percent lower relative risk of being admitted to the hospital again the following month. The researchers looked at more than a million hospital visits among Medicare patients. But don’t go out and change doctors just yet, not least of which because women make up only a third of the American physician workforce. 

Today’s Must Read

To the tipsy guy on the Lido Deck!

Buyer beware when it comes to purchasing art on a cruise ship. The company that runs most of these auctions has been accused of abusive sales practices, price inflation, and even forgery.