What You Missed: No More ‘Drain the Swamp,’ Richard Marx the Hero, and More

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Throughout his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump pushed slogans like they were part of licensing deal or a script he was bound to. Among them: “drain the swamp,” a common refrain that pointed to getting rid of government corruption, and “lock her up,” referring to opponent Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. 

He’s already stopped his calls to “lock her up,” and has even backed away from his promise to “build a wall” —  another popular phrase people chanted during campaign rallies — between the U.S. and Mexico. And now it looks as though “drain the swamp” is being left by the wayside as well.

Wine (Behind) Bars

California man convicted in wine theft from famed restaurant

A Modesto, California, man plead guilty to stealing more than 100 bottles of wine, worth a half a million dollars. The wine was stolen from Chef Thomas Keller’s famous Northern California restaurant, French Laundry, on Christmas in 2014 while the restaurant was closed for renovations.

He Also Sings a Song Called ‘Hazard’

Richard Marx says he's no 'big hero' after plane incident

Richard Marx, the adult rock singer best-known for ‘90s hit “Right Here Waiting,” helped subdue an unruly (and possibly drunk) passenger on a Korea Air flight.

Marx posted pictures of the incident on Twitter and Facebook, and criticized the flight crew for not doing a good job restraining the man.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the story? Richard Marx is married to former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes, who also posted pictures from the incident on her Facebook page. 

Today's Must Read

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