5 Things We Hope the Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie Gets Right

It’s no secret that Tim Burton’s box office hit Alice in Wonderland took a lot of artistic liberties with Lewis Carroll’s original exercise in literary absurdity, essentially creating an entirely new story and borrowing the characters. For any of Alice’s adventures to work on the screen, it’s inevitable that certain elements must be rearranged and rewritten to form a more cohesive tale, with more traditional rising and falling action amongst all the tea times and offing of heads. So it’s no surprise that Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter remains a central character in the long-awaited sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, despite the Mad Hatter only making a fleeting appearance in Carroll’s original work. It’s easily forgivable, since we could all use more Johnny Depp in our lives.

Nevertheless, here are five things we hope the movie adaptation retains from Carroll’s beloved children’s book.

1. The Jabberwock

Yes, the Jabberwock (and the Bandersnatch) already appeared in Burton’s Wonderland in an epic battle. But Through the Looking-Glass simply isn’t Through the Looking-Glass unless it involves one of the greatest nonsensical poems of all-time, “Jabberwocky.” This poem contains so many frabjous words and ignited debates about how that darn “g” is pronounced in “gyre” long before our modern “gif” wars started. In trailers for Alice Through the Looking Glass, there are brief glimpses of a dragon-like creature, so we’re fairly certain the majestic Jabberwock will grace us with its presence once again.

2. The Walrus and the Carpenter

In a book full of poems, “The Walrus and the Carpenter” is another that really stands above the rest as linguistically special. By the end of the poem, you, like Alice, love the Walrus and the Carpenter’s banter with each other, but are also so distraught at the deadly trickery these two played upon the poor Oysters (spoiler alert: they eat them all). Whether you like the Walrus or the Carpenter best, we hope they both get to make an appearance in the movie.

3. Tweedledum and Tweedledee

These creepy twins greeted Alice on her return to Wonderland in the 2010 movie and are set to return for this sequel. Surely they’ll have to do more than stage a non-battle like they do in the book, because it seems like Alice will need a lot of assistance in her quest to save the Mad Hatter this time around. Hopefully they’ll have a redeeming character arc, where they recognize the value of individuality after seeing how fun it is to not be identical in every single way.

4. Humpty Dumpty

Carroll didn’t invent Humpty Dumpty and his famous children’s rhyme—instead, Carroll borrowed the egg-shaped man and turned him into a master linguist. We learned fancy words like “portmanteau” from the likes of Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty, and if he doesn’t argue over semantics in the movie, what’s even the point? To watch him fall off a wall? To watch all the king’s horses and all the king’s men try to put him back together again? Please.

5. The White Knight

While the fight between the Lion and the Unicorn is an amazing concept, the following chapter on the White Knight has a somberness about it normally not found during Alice’s adventures. The White Knight is just so awkwardly charming and nothing like the sparkling knights in shining armor that usually come to mind. And, as Carroll relates in Through the Looking-Glass, the sight of the White Knight beginning to tell Alice his poem was the image “that she always remembered most clearly.”

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