Ask The Expert: An Interview with Crane & Canopy’s Karin Sun

There’s nothing better than relaxing in bed with a good book. At Scribd, we work hard to make sure that you always have something good to read, but what about the bed? That’s where our friends at Crane & Canopy come in.

Crane & Canopy is the first in their industry to revolutionize the way we buy bedding. They have streamlined the process in which bedding is bought and sold, which means big savings on luxury sheets, duvet covers, and more. By going direct and using the world’s best linen factories and premium cotton, Crane & Canopy brings you beautifully designed and luxurious bedding at prices that make sense.

We recently spoke with Crane & Canopy’s founder, Karin Sun, about her favorite decorating tips and her favorite books.

Karin Sun, Founder of Crane & Canopy

Scribd: Where would you start if you were redecorating a bedroom?

Sun: Start by getting organized. Take a look at the items you currently have and use in your space and ask yourself, do I need this? Do I love this? Do I use this? Consider the answers to those questions when deciding which items should be included in your redecoration, and which should be repurposed or donated. It’s so much easier to envision a new space when any clutter or unnecessary pieces are removed. 

Next, choose a modern duvet cover. As bedding is the biggest statement you can use in your bedroom, it’s a great jumping-off point for your bedroom décor. It can dictate a room’s color scheme, theme, and accent pieces. Build your room from there.

What are the best colors to start with? What colors would you avoid?

Soothing colors like light blues and soft greens are classic choices for the bedroom. They evoke a sense of calm, which is ideal for a room meant to be relaxed in. However, remember that it’s your space. Any color that speaks to you is a good option. Love teal or coral? Go for it. One color I would recommend against, though, is bright red. It can feel harsh, and that’s definitely a sentiment you want to avoid in a relaxing space.

What inspires you to decorate or redecorate a room?

I am constantly inspired by new chapters, whether it’s a life change or a new season. Life changes—a new baby, a new job, etc.—give you the opportunity to reevaluate what you need from your home and bedroom particularly. New seasons brings new colors, new weather, and new design possibilities.

Other than comfort, what’s the most important thing to consider when picking out new bedding?

Quality, absolutely! The best advice for those buying new bedding is to invest in as much as you can afford. My favorite bedding is crafted from extra-long- staple cotton and woven in a silky-soft 400 thread count.

Other than bedding, what’s the most important thing to consider when redecorating a bedroom?

Wall art can completely transform a space. I believe a combination of stylish, complimentary art pieces is the best way to make a room truly yours. Art adds color, texture, and interest to your space, and it’s beautiful! Inspiring images in your bedroom help you start every day with a positive, motivated attitude.

What books do you draw the most design inspiration from?

I look to travel books for much of my design inspiration. It’s helpful to see how other cultures imagine design. You find ideas you wouldn’t have come across otherwise, and there’s always a ton of color! Some favorites are See San Francisco by Victoria Smith and Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson.

If someone were interested in redecorating their bedroom, what books would you suggest they read first?

I would pick up The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Her organizational methods make it simple to decide which items to keep and which to let go, and she helps you learn to store and organize your belongings efficiently. A tidy space is the perfect foundation to reimagine your space upon!

What books inspired you to start your own company?

Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Keith influenced me immensely. It taught me, as an entrepreneur, to keep things simple and stay relentlessly focused.

What do you read to wind down and relax?

There’s nothing like curling up with a good book to relax at the end of a long day. Lately, I’ve been addicted to autobiographies. There’s nothing as enjoyable as reading someone else’s perspective on their own life story. Add a warm cup of tea and some cake, and I’m all set.

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