The Most Tuned In States in America

Audiobooks are currently more accessible than they’ve ever been. It’s this ease of access that has made audiobooks an insanely popular form of entertainment for many Americans, with audiobook listeners represented in every state. 

But which states listen to the most audiobooks? 

That’s the question that the Scribd Data Team wanted to answer. To do so, they analyzed 3.9 million hours of audiobook listening behavior. Their goal was to identify which U.S. states listen to the most audiobooks per second.


Scribd US Audiobook Trends 2016: 

The Most Tuned In States: Residents of Utah, Minnesota, and North Carolina listen to the most audiobooks, while those who live in Wisconsin, New York, and Pennsylvania are behind the listening times! 

Cities with the Most Entertaining Commutes: Residents in Salt Lake City are clearly the savviest commuters, listening to more audiobooks than the rest of the country, followed closely by Minneapolis, Charlotte, Sacramento, and Omaha. 

Cities with the Most Boring Commutes: People in Madison, WI listen to the least amount of audiobooks while driving. Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Arlington also lack in audiobook listening. 

Devices: Mobile is by far the most popular device for audiobooks, with more than half of listening done on iOS and a quarter of listening done on Android devices. 

Most Popular Genres: Fiction & Literature, Mystery, Thriller & Crime, and Romance; however, we have a healthy representation of listening across all genres. 

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