Plan Your Next Vacation To One Of These Fictional Destinations

Going on vacation is one of the summer’s greatest pastimes but, like many of us, you might not have been able to go on a vacation this year. Or maybe you have gone on a vacation and you could still use a little more time away. In either case, we’ve found that reading a good book can help. 

A good book will transport you to a new place. Maybe it’s the future, or the past, or even a whole new world, but in the end, all good books — all good stories, really — actively work to transport the reader from one place to the next. It’s one of the things that makes reading so exciting, because it gives us the opportunity to experience grand adventures when we otherwise would be unable. Do you seriously have the time to quest through an ancient land to fight a millennia-old wizard? Probably not. But with the right book, you can share in that experience during your daily commute. 

Which is why, with summer almost halfway over, we would like to suggest planning a fictional vacation to one of these amazing fictional locations. 

The Shire

Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is perhaps best known for building the intricate and layered world of Middle Earth, complete with the treacherous Mordor, the breathtaking Helm’s Deep, and, of course, a pristine region known affectionately as The Shire. 

While it might not be the most exciting landscape that Tolkien created, it’s certainly one of the most relaxing. With rolling green hills and beautiful, gentle fauna, The Shire is easily one of the most beautifully designed regions of Middle Earth. And, even if you aren’t interested in the simple-yet-elegant landscape, you’re sure to be charmed by the locals. 

The Land of Oz

Who wouldn’t want to go to a land full of magic and wonder? Oz is a mysterious land with even more mysterious features. There are flying monkeys, talking lions, and yes, powerful witches. It’s the kind of place that promises excitement around every corner, complete with one of the most recognizable roads in all of fiction. 

And, of course, it should be noted that the inhabitants of Oz are — for the most part — extremely welcoming to new guests. On more than one occasion they've elected wayward travelers to local office. 

The Arena

There are plenty of stunning locations in Panem to visit—the beautiful forest just outside of District 12’s electrified fence, the technical grandeur of the posh Capitol, along with the innovative Hunger Games arena locations. Each of the past Hunger Games arenas have been preserved as an important part of history and popular vacation spots for Capitol citizens, according to everyone’s favorite heroine, Katniss Everdeen. 

Once you look past all the oppression and how the arenas staged child-on-child death matches complete with genetically modified animals and booby traps, you see in those quiet moments how lovely and tranquil this post-apocalyptic landscape really is.

Area X

If you have a sense of adventure, or if you love to explore where no person has explored before, then there is no destination more suitable than Area-X, the mysterious and probably evil natural anomaly that is the center of Jeff VanDermeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy. 

In the novels, Area X is often described as being a place of “pristine” nature, which means it is completely untouched by human influence. Sounds great, right? Well, it’s not so bad, as long as you can survive the occasional mutant rat or ethereal shadow monster. Sure, it might be one of the most dangerous places on the face of the earth, but it’s certainly one of the most beautiful too!  

The Center of the Earth

Science has taught us that the center of the earth is a molten ball of lava, more or less. But what if it was a chasm of natural wonders? Imagine a place where you could see real dinosaurs and experience genuine prehistoric fauna. 

Imagine enjoying a beautiful, secluded (albeit underground) beach without having to worry about the dangers of UV rays! After all, the best vacation of your life could be right under your feet. As in literally. 

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