What You Missed: Elon Musk’s Tunnel, Trump’s Wall, and More

In What You Missed, we round up the best stories for you to read on your evening commute. 

SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk hates traffic. So, he says, he’s building a tunnel.

The cryptic tweets started back in December, when he named his tunneling company — “It shall be called ‘The Boring Company’” he tweeted (get it!!?) — and culminated in a tweet this week saying that the project will begin in a month. 

But no other details have been released, like whether it would be for Teslas or for his “hyperloop” project, or where it would be located. The SpaceX offices are in Los Angeles. 

The Wall

GOP leaders: Bill to build wall will cost up to $15 billion

U.S. taxpayers will foot the bill, and President Donald Trump insists that Mexico will ultimately pay for it. But Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto disagrees


Scientists take first steps to growing human organs in pigs

This is a very early first step. Scientists hope that injecting pigs with stem cells from someone who needs a transplant would reduce the risk of organ rejection. 

Facebook’s Trending News

Facebook takes aim at fake news with new 'trending' formula

In an effort to curb its fake news problem, Facebook is changing how it displays its “trending” feature. Rather than show stories that are more popular among users, it will show stories that have been reported by several outlets.  

I Saw The Sign

Sign of the times: Signs from women's marches being saved

The day after Trump’s inauguration, women and their supporters marched around the world in protest. They wore T-shirts, they shouted in unison, and they carried signs. And now colleges, libraries, and museums want to ensure that those signs are salvaged and put on display. 

What Book You Missed

If you’re one of the many people who’s found the last week ... let’s say trying, the Danes might have just what you need. Hygge has become the buzzword of the winter, with plenty of articles encouraging Americans to make like the Danish and drink cocoa by a fireplace. This might’ve caused some confusion: In the winter, most people would like to be doing just that, difficult-to-pronounce new word to describe it or no. (For the record, it’s “hoo-ga.") Which is why this new book from Meik Wiking, the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, is so valuable. 

Wiking excavates the depths of the word, from its essential place in Denmark’s cultural and social paradigms to its key role in the country’s constant placement at the pinnacle of world happiness indexes. Hygge, it turns out, is much more than a synonym for coziness, and embodies everything from an attitude of mindfulness and gratitude to the value of deep bonds of friendship. Intrigued by the hyggelig lifestyle? Our recommendation: Start by buying candles. A lot of them.