Catalonia Prepares for Spain Takeover

The Spanish government is poised to strip Catalonia of its regional autonomy and remove the territory’s president, Carles Puigdemont, as soon as Saturday. Spain’s Senate will vote today on implementing direct rule in Catalonia to quell its independence bid — a step never before taken in Spain’s democratic era by the central government. Read the story from The Los Angeles Times.

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JFK Files

A new trove of more than 2,800 records released Thursday from the National Archives pertaining to the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy reveal that the FBI was warned that Lee Harvey Oswald, John F. Kennedy’s assassin, was in danger right before he was killed. Read the story from NPR.

Actress Rose McGowan Breaks Silence

McGowan has been one of the leading voices against sexual harassment in Hollywood, and tweeted earlier this month that she was raped by a man with the initials “HW.” The Hollywood Reporter said McGowan confirmed she was referring to Weinstein. She delivered opening remarks at The Women's Convention in Detroit. Read the story from The AP.

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Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things 2’ Is Out!

In the next chapter of the sci-fi Netflix series, out today, the show’s central children begin to grow up. Brothers Matt and Ross Duffer discuss their instant cult classic in this read from NPR.

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