NRA Backs Regulation Of Bump Stocks

Bump stocks, the devices that can modify guns to be fired like automatic weapons, were possessed by the mass shooter in Las Vegas. Democrats have introduced two bills this week to make them illegal. And the NRA, as well as the Trump administration and top Congressional Republicans, support regulations as well. Read the story from The AP.

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Harvey Weinstein to Take Leave

The Oscar-winning producer, known for producing films such as “Pulp Fiction” and “The English Patient,” is taking a leave from his own company after an explosive expose revealing decades of sexual harassment against women, from employees to actress Ashley Judd, was published in The New York Times on Thursday. Read the story from The AP

Netflix Raises Prices

The movie-streaming site is raising the price of its popular service by 10%, and the price of its premium package by 17%. That’s because Netflix is spending $6 billion on programming this year, and will increase that to $7 billion next year. Read the story from AdAge.

Amazon Might Bring Out the Big Guns

The online retail giant is said to be experimenting with a new delivery service that would rival UPS and FedEx. Read the story from AdAge.