Truck Attack in NYC

In what authorities are calling a terrorist attack, a man drove a truck down a busy bike path in New York City on Tuesday, killing eight people and seriously injuring 11 others. Police shot the suspect and took him into custody after he brandished fake guns. Read the story from The AP.

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Netflix Halts ‘House of Cards’

Production on the sixth season of “House of Cards” has been suspended following the sexual misconduct allegations against the show’s star, Kevin Spacey. Read the story from the Los Angeles Times.

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Senators Blast Facebook, Twitter, and Google in Russia Probe 

Executives from the three tech giants testified before Congress on Tuesday that Russian-linked accounts used their services to influence the 2016 presidential election. Testimony continues on Wednesday. Read the story from The AP.

Something Fishy About Rescued Sailors’ Story

Two women rescued at sea say they were adrift for more than four months after harrowing storms damaged their sailboat and sharks attacked their boat for more than six hours. However, the Coast Guard has outlined numerous inconsistencies with their account. Read the story from The AP.