What You Missed: Berkeley Protest, National Prayer Breakfast, and More

In What You Missed, we round up the best stories for you to read on your evening commute.

Milo Yiannopoulos — a Breitbart editor and self-proclaimed internet troll who played a big role in the “Gamergate” controversy and was permanently banned from Twitter after harassing actress Leslie Jones — was set to speak at UC Berkeley, having been asked there by the campus Republican club. He’s on a campus tour, promoting his upcoming book. 

Hundreds peacefully protested, but a small group of demonstrators broke windows and started fires, forcing officials to shut down the event.

People aren’t just protesting Yiannopoulos’ campus talks, either. Children's authors sent a letter to Simon & Schuster, denouncing the decision to publish his book. And more recently, author Roxane Gay said she’s withdrawn a planned book with the publisher. 

Simon & Schuster maintains that it does not condone hate speech, and asked readers to “withhold judgment until they have had a chance to read the actual contents of the book.”

Say a Little Prayer

Trump vows to repeal political limits on churches

Known as the Johnson Amendment, the rule that says pastors endorsing candidates risk losing tax-exempt status is rarely enforced. But there could be bigger implications, according to LGBTQ experts. Read the story from The AP.

But religion wasn’t the only thing President Trump talked about at the breakfast. 

Super Bowl Weekend

Lady Gaga says Super Bowl halftime show is 'for everyone'

"This performance is for everyone. I want to, more than anything, create a moment that everyone that's watching will never forget," she said. Read the story from The AP.

What Book You Missed

It’s Groundhog Day, which, for most adults, means it’s Think About Bill Murray day. Aside from his stellar acting career, Murray’s made quite a name for himself as a real-life general rabble-rouser and merry prankster. This series of (presumably?) true stories demonstrates just how surreal and entertaining encounters with the famed actor can be. A delightful way to distract yourself from the weather (and, you know, politics.)