What You Missed: Read the Comments, Weed Crackdown, and More

In What You Missed, we round up the best stories for you to read on your evening commute. 

Reading the comments doesn’t have to be a minefield of negativity, though it often is. But a new tool out of Google-owned Jigsaw might be able to help.

The tool is called Perspective, and it uses machine learning to focus on the “toxicity” of a comment, but in the future, it could flag other bad apples, such as comments that go way off topic. Read the story from The Atlantic.

Weed Crackdown

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Thursday that the Justice Department will be cracking down on recreational marijuana use. Read the story from The AP. 

Rowdy Town Halls

Crowds of people are showing up at town halls around the country to speak with their representatives. And they aren’t happy. Read the story from The Atlantic.

FBI Claims

According to anonymous sources, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus asked FBI officials to discredit media reports about the administration’s ties to Russia. The White House denies the claims. Read the story from The AP. 

What Long Reads You Missed

Apple’s new home, a search for a Viking ship in California, and former 49ers QB Steve Young: Take a look at some of the long reads you might’ve missed as we head into the weekend.