Invest in Yourself

When we talk about investing, we’re usually talking about long-term financial planning (think retirement plans, 401(k) investments, etc). But it’s important to remember that, aside from money, we can also invest in ourselves. How much more value could you bring to your job if you learned a new skill? And how much money could you save on medical bills if you changed your diet? 

There’s no denying that financial investments are a good idea, but when you’re looking for new ways to invest your time and energy, we suggest investing in yourself.

Improving Mind and Memory

Whether you’re concerned about aging or just hoping to find your keys, these prescriptive guides are filled with tips and tricks to help improve cognitive strength and abilities.

This Will Make You Smarter

This book is filled with brilliant, accessible, cutting-edge ideas to improve your decision-making skills and heighten your cognitive abilities, with contributions by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Richard Dawkins, Brian Eno, Steven Pinker, and more. In other words, you’ll learn to think smarter. No matter what job you have, or what career path you’re on, there’s nothing more valuable than the ability to think intelligently.

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Eating Raw and Clean

If you eat raw, clean foods, you’ll soon learn that what you eat can also be your medicine. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and become more productive in every area of life.

The Raw Food Detox Diet

Eating raw might sound dangerous (especially when we think of meat), but the craze has received some well-earned fame. Many people are interested in raw food but simply don't know how to make the transition from what they're eating now, or how to achieve the benefits of eating raw without giving up their lifestyle or the foods they love. This book will guide you through the process of adapting a raw food diet that meets your specific needs.

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Never Stop Trying: From Failure to Success

As entrepreneur Steve Blank once said, “Here in Silicon Valley, we have a special word for failure. You know what it’s called? Experience.” It’s time to turn your failures into major successes.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

Scott Adams has likely failed at more things than anyone you've ever met or anyone you've even heard of. So how did he go from hapless office worker and serial failure to the creator of Dilbert, one of the world's most famous syndicated comic strips, in just a few years? This book will tell you everything you need to know. If you feel like a failure, or if you’ve recently experienced a failure, or if you’re still learning how to cope with a past failure, then this book will help you turn those experiences into massive successes.

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