What You Missed: Senate Hard at Work, Melania Trump's Lawsuit, and More

In What You Missed, we round up the best stories for you to read on your evening commute. 

The Senate is back at it, slowly but surely voting on President Donald Trump’s nominees for his cabinet. 

Betsy DeVos cleared the Senate 51-50, with Vice President Mike Pence casting the historic tie-breaking vote. And now the president’s pick for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, is facing harsh scrutiny

Republicans say that he has integrity and is committed to the law. Democrats say he’s too close to the president, and they question his record on civil rights, among other things. 

In fact, during the Senate session, Sen. Elizabeth Warren quoted a letter from Coretta Scott King, the late Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow, which said that when he was a federal prosecutor in Alabama, Sessions used his power to “chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens.”

But Warren was interrupted from finishing the letter. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said it violated a Senate rule, which prohibits members from “impugning the motives” of fellow Senators. 

First Lady Feud

Melania Trump re-filed a libel lawsuit against the Daily Mail’s parent company, saying that the website reported that she used to be an escort. The Daily Mail has since retracted that report. 

But ethics watchdogs are taking issue with the court filing, in particular because it says that the libelous report from the Daily Mail might have affected her business opportunities, as well as her ability to profit off her high-profile stature. Read the story from The AP. 

Word Nerds

A few years ago, this sentence would be considered nonsense: I was ghosted after I threw shade at him for the microagression he showed at the event. 

But Merriam-Webster, always with a finger on the pulse of how language is changing, has added 1,000 words and definitions to the dictionary — including “ghost,” “shade,” and “microagression.” Read the story from The AP. 

Twitter Cracks Down

Twitter is taking steps to ensuring that its platform is not overrun by abuse and harassment. And many say that these changes are long overdue. Read the story from The AP. 

What Book You Missed

The White House’s strained relationship with the media seems to be one constant in the chaos of a new administration. And as much as the “alternative facts” of the Trump presidency have highlighted that tension, Barbara Feinman Todd’s memoir of working behind the scenes with top journalists, as well as Hillary Clinton, demonstrates that it’s not a new issue. As a ghostwriter on memoirs from luminaries like Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, Todd has managed to see the secrets and machinations of Washington with uncommon clarity. And who knows? Reading about how long Washington has been “the swamp” just might make us feel better about how swampy it seems right now.