Flynn’s Foreign Work, Volkswagen Pleads Guilty, and More

Another day, another piece of information released to the public. 

President Trump’s former national security adviser Mike Flynn, who was asked to resign a few weeks ago for not disclosing his ties to Russia, also had ties to Turkey: He did paid work for a company owned by a Turkish businessman and that could have helped the Turkish government. 

Under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, U.S. citizens who lobby on behalf of foreign governments or political entities must disclose their work to the Justice Department, which he did. But Vice President Mike Pence says that the move was “an affirmation of the president's decision to ask General Flynn to resign.” Read the story from The AP.

Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen pleaded guilty for attempting to get around the U.S. emissions rules on more than 600,000 diesel cars. The car company’s total cost of the scandal has been pegged at about $21 billion, including a pledge to repair or buy back vehicles. Read the story from The AP.

Lights Out

The lights that illuminate the Statue of Liberty went out on the night that President Trump issued his revised travel ban. That must mean something, right? Read the story from The Atlantic. 

WikiLeaks Leak

If we’re to believe the latest CIA data dump from WikiLeaks, then it means one important thing: Encryption works. Read the story from The AP. 

Journalists might be using the data dump as a treasure trove of scoops. But should they? Read the story from The Atlantic. 

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What Book You Missed

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