CBO Report, Winter Weather, and More

Last week, Republicans unveiled their Affordable Care Act replacement, called the American Health Care Act. 

But before the bill can pass through the House and Senate, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had to give it a once-over. The CBO projected that although the bill would lower federal deficits, it would result in millions of Americans losing health insurance, while raising premiums for people covered on the individual market. Read the story from The Atlantic. 

Snow Safety

The East Coast is getting pummeled by a massive snowstorm. Here are some tips and tricks for staying safe while it’s storming. And if you’re really feeling adventurous (and hungry), how about braving the storm to make some snow candy? Read the story from Popular Science. 

Tillerson’s Email Problem

In a letter to a New York court, Eric Schneiderman, that state’s attorney general accused Secretary of State Rex Tillerson of using an alias in emails to discuss climate change. Schneiderman says that Exxon failed to disclose that Tillerson used the alias “Wayne Tracker” discuss issues including risk management related to climate change. Read the story from The AP. 

‘Fearless Girl’

An investing firm installed a 50-inch-tall bronze statue of a defiant girl in front of Wall Street's famous charging-bull statue. Read the story from The Atlantic. 

What Book You Missed

Ariel Levy, a staff writer at the New Yorker, has just released her incredible memoir. Challenging conventional beliefs about third-wave feminism’s promise that “women can have it all,” she explores her career, marriage, and grief with an honesty and a vulnerability that is impossible to ignore. It’s a powerful memoir, and if that bit about the New Yorker wasn’t tell enough, an extremely well-written one, as well. Like the best books, it’ll make you think as much about your own life as about Levy’s.