Merkel Meets Trump, Tillerson Tours Asia, and More

President Trump met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday to discuss, among other things, strengthening NATO, fighting the Islamic State group, and resolving Ukraine’s conflict.

This is the first time they’ve met since Trump bashed her during his campaign, saying she was “ruining Germany” and that her handling of the refugee crisis is a “catastrophic mistake.”

Her meeting with Trump comes as she seeks a fourth term, a contest that could be difficult. Read the story from The AP. 

Tillerson’s Tour of Asia

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson started in Japan and will end in China. When discussing potential North Korea, he said he didn’t want to take military action, but “all options are on the table.” Read the story from NPR. 

Monopoly Token Makeover

Bye-bye, boot, thimble, and wheelbarrow. Hello, T-Rex, rubber ducky, and penguin. Read the story from NPR.

Know It All

If you want to learn how to do something well, go to the experts. This official TED guide to public speaking is essential for anyone who’s looked up from a presentation only to see wandering eyes and twiddling thumbs. Brush up this weekend, and then show off your newfound ability to command a room in that big meeting next week. Plus, if you spend this weekend learning a new skill, maybe you won’t have to chastise yourself too harshly if you overindulge in green beer tonight.