London Attack, Gorsuch Hearings, and More

The U.K. House of Commons in London was under lockdown after a car crashed nearby and a police officer was stabbed. Several people were injured and at least four people died after a car crashed into a railing near the Parliament building. 

After the crash, police say at least one man left the vehicle and went toward the building, where he stabbed a police officer to death and was fatally shot by the police. A counterterrorism investigation is now underway. Read the story from NPR. 

Gorsuch Hearings

Judge Neil Gorsuch, who is hoping to fill the seat left vacant by the late Judge Antonin Scalia, went through his second day of hearings on Tuesday. And it was a lot less drama-filled than past Supreme Court hearings. Read the story from NPR. 

So far, it’s hard to know how he’d rule on key issues, and that might be a good thing. Read the story from The Atlantic. 

Uber’s Face-Lift

In a “damage control” conference call on Tuesday, Uber execs and board members, including Arianna Huffington, told reporters that the company is changing its ways and will start being more humane. The call came following a rough month for Uber, which included sexual harassment charges, the president of the company leaving after just six months on the job, and a leaked video of the CEO fighting with a driver. Read the story from The AP. 

What Book You Missed

Readers of Yuval Noah Harari will be drawn to this inspiring history of humanity that focuses on what separates humans from the rest of the animals on the planet: creativity. From innovations in farming that led to cities and societies to the mathematical and scientific discoveries that led to space exploration, Fuentes convincingly argues that our imaginative powers are essential to our exceptional ability to alter ourselves and our environments, and all the incredible achievements that have resulted.