Ivanka’s White House Role, North Carolina Bathroom Bill, and More

Ethics concerns have surrounded the president’s oldest daughter, Ivanka, since she took on an informal advisor role to the president. She said she would “voluntarily comply” with ethics rules that federal employees abide by, even though she wouldn’t be an actual federal employee. 

That has since changed: She now has a formal title and role, as assistant to the president. Read the story from NPR. 

North Carolina Bathroom Bill

Senators in North Carolina voted to repeal the controversial “bathroom bill,” which forced transgender people to use the bathroom that’s listed on their birth certificate. But LGBTQ groups say the repeal isn’t a true repeal and would still allow discrimination.

That’s because the new proposal leaves state legislators in charge of policy on public multi-stall restrooms, and it places a moratorium on governments passing new nondiscrimination protections for workplaces, hotels, and restaurants until December 2020. Read the story from The AP. 

Bus Crash

Officials are investigating a head-on collision between a truck and church bus that killed 13 people in Texas. Read the story from The AP. 

Samsung Galaxy S8

Following last year’s debacle with the Galaxy Note 7, where phones blew up in people’s hands and pockets, Samsung is back with a new phone: the Galaxy S8. And this one comes with a new digital assistant, called Bixby. But don’t call it just another Siri knockoff. Read the story from Popular Science. 

What Book You Missed

Is it just us, or has following politics gotten more complicated recently? Between the fake news, alternative facts, and “liberal media elite,” it’s hard to separate fact from fiction in just about every corner of our government. Which is why this book is so timely: Full of lessons on critical thinking that directly address the weird times we’re living in, this should be required reading for all politically-engaged citizens.