Mike Flynn Wants a Deal, SpaceX Lands Used Rocket, and More

Three weeks into his job as national security adviser, Mike Flynn was forced to resign. That’s because it was revealed that he had misled investigators about his contacts with Russia after the election. 

He’s been laying low ever since, until Thursday when he told FBI and Congress that he would willingly answer questions from investigators, but with a catch: He wants to exchange the information for immunity. But investigators aren’t taking the bait — yet. Read the story from The AP. 

SpaceX Landing

The key to space travel, says head of SpaceX Elon Musk, is making it affordable. One way to do that is by reusing the rocket boosters. On Thursday, a SpaceX rocket using reusable boosters took off without a hitch and even stuck the landing. Read the story from Popular Science.

Planned Parenthood

Mike Pence on Thursday broke a tie in the Senate, which voted to lift restrictions on how states treat abortion providers. This will clear the way for Congress to take further action. Read the story from The Atlantic. 

Fire in Atlanta

Part of a freeway collapsed on Thursday in Atlanta, due to a fire that broke out underneath the elevated section. Nobody was hurt in the blaze and ensuing traffic snarl, however. Read the story from The AP. 

Pay Attention

If you’re reading this on your phone while walking on a sidewalk, you should probably stop. A new report shows that the number of pedestrians killed in traffic jumped 11 percent in 2016, to 6,000. Read the story from NPR. 

Know It All

News of Michael Flynn’s proposed deal to offer testimony in exchange for immunity in Congress’s investigations into the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia somehow feels simultaneously like a shocking twist and like an inevitable revelation. The same might be said about the way international politics is rearranging itself. It’s hard not to notice the ways that spheres of influence in the world have been changing for a while now, with the U.S. occupying less of a leadership role as other countries catch up to it in economic power. 

Richard Haass’s fascinating work details the current state of international politics, and what steps the world can take to move into this brave new political reality with minimal growing pains. Get a head start on the fallout from Flynn’s testimony by catching up on what the world should look like moving forward.