GOP Marathon, Neanderthal Teeth, and More

On Tuesday, House Republicans showed off a bill, called the American Health Care Act, that would replace the Affordable Care Act. 

Both sides of the aisle have been ripping the bill apart. But the GOP is determined to push it through, holding all-night voting sessions to get it approved. 

President Donald Trump has given a thumbs-up to the bill, sending Vice President Mike Pence around the country to drum up support for the bill. But Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, a Trump supporter, tweeted that the GOP should slow down and not try to rush the bill through.

Neanderthal Dentistry

A group of scientists, looking at the dental plaque of five Neanderthal skulls, have extracted DNA showing what the Neanderthals ate and that they may used medicinal plants. The DNA even shows that the Neanderthals might have enjoyed some smooches. Read the story from The Atlantic. 

Israel’s Own Travel Ban

Israel on Monday issued a travel ban that blocks people who want to boycott or protest from entering the country. People are making comparisons to the travel ban that the Trump administration issued. Read the story from The Atlantic. 

Lawsuit One

A Washington, D.C., restaurant is suing President Trump and his hotels for creating unfair competition. Read the story from The AP. 

Lawsuit Two

Hawaii is suing the government over version 2.0 of the travel ban, saying that it will hurt tourism and is unfair to the state’s Muslim population and foreign students. Read the story from The AP.