San Bernardino Shooting, Alabama Governor Resigns, and More

A man walked into his estranged wife’s special-ed classroom in San Bernardino, California, on Monday, and opened fire, killing her and a student before killing himself. Another student was injured in the shooting.

The gunman, Cedric Anderson, followed proper protocol when he came onto campus, and even signed in with the front office. There were 15 students in the classroom at the time; following the shooting, the 600-student campus was evacuated to a nearby university campus. Read the story from The AP

Alabama Governor Resigns

Alabama’s governor, Robert Bentley, has officially resigned after admitting to abusing his office to allegedly cover up an affair with one of his advisers. Read the story from NPR.

Bentley’s replacement, Kay Ivey, is the first Republican woman elected lieutenant governor of Alabama, and was also the first Republican to hold that office for two straight terms. Read the story from The AP

Man Dragged Off United Flight

A passenger on an overbooked flight was forcibly dragged off the plane on Sunday night. Although the shocking legality of the incident is in the fine print, passengers still have some legal financial rights. Read the story from Mic.

United’s CEO has since issued a full apology for the incident. Read the story from NPR.

What Book You Missed

This year’s Pulitzer Prize winners were announced yesterday, and we were thrilled to see Colson Whitehead’s terrific novel The Underground Railroad take the top prize for fiction. The Pulitzer is just the latest feather in Whitehead’s cap, after everyone from President Obama to Oprah recommended his award-winning book. In this powerfully expansive novel, the all-too-real horrors of slavery are juxtaposed with surreal and allegorical elements to create a gripping novel as much about America’s present as it is about its past. But ultimately, all you need to know is that you really ought to read it.