Trump vs. Planned Parenthood, Saturn’s Moon, and More

The president signed legislation this week that lets states block federal money to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. 

The rule that was tossed, which was finalized right before President Barack Obama left office, required state and local governments to distribute federal money for family planning services, including contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, fertility, pregnancy care, and breast and cervical cancer screening, to qualified health providers, regardless of whether the providers also performed abortions. Read the story from The AP

Saturn’s Moon

Scientists discovered water on Saturn’s moon in 2015, and where there’s water, there could be life. But a new discovery might be further proof that we’re not the only ones out there. Read the story from Popular Science

Burger King Strikes Out

Burger King this week released an ad that triggered Google Home’s functionality, essentially tricking viewers into listening to a Wikipedia entry for what goes into a Whopper. But the trolls had the last laugh. Read the story from NPR.

The marketing stunt is a throwback to the days when radio ads ruled, but with a modern tech-focused twist. Read the story from AdAge

Tax Deadline Looms

Tax Day is April 18 this year. Are you ready? Read the story from The AP.


The Coachella music festival is this weekend, and Lady Gaga is not just headlining the event, but making history. Read the story from The AP.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The trailer for Episode VIII is here, and it does not disappoint. Read the story from The Atlantic

What Book You Missed

Feel like talking about something (anything) other than politics at your next dinner party? Bring up Traister’s bestselling and critically acclaimed history of single women in the U.S. It’s a fascinating portrait of the little-known — but incredibly influential — slice of the female demographic that opted out of the traditional role of wife and mother. And given the rising average age of marriage, these facts come in handy as diversions from the inevitable “When will you settle down?” questions.