Declutter Your Life

Getting organized can be tough, and not just because we don’t always put objects back in their proper place. A lot of the time, we just have too much stuff, piled haphazardly on desks and night tables. Sometimes clutter can be arranged in neat piles, but really, it’s still clutter.

Do you really need that shirt you haven’t worn in a few years? What about that undesired gift your best friend gave you once that now collects dust in the back of a closet? You’ll feel happier and far less guilty if you toss things out instead of letting them pile up in the garage.

Not sure what to get rid of? These experts have advice on what to toss and what to keep to help make your life clutter-free.

Clutter Busting

You probably have a good reason for holding onto all those things you don’t use anymore. You remember all those times when those objects gave you joy, or you feel guilty because they were a thoughtful gift from someone else. In Clutter Busting, Brooks Palmer urges you to see that you are far more important than your objects. Junk piles weigh you down, and you’re spending energy on negative emotions. Throw off that weight and use your new uncluttered space to be your most creative self.

The Joy of Less

Even if you don’t want to dedicate yourself to the minimalist lifestyle, Francine Jay’s guide to a clutter-free life outlines a helpful method for anyone concerned about the sea of stuff stored in their garage. Jay’s STREAMLINE method focuses on identifying the objects you really want to keep, rather than choosing all the ones you should get rid of. The Joy of Less will also help you keep the clutter from piling up again in the future with its everyday maintenance tips.

The Complete Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Computer (Popular Science)

Since we can’t see the mess, we often allow our digital spaces to get super cluttered. Whether you have a million folders and screenshots saved to your desktop or have downloaded games you haven’t touched in years, this article from Popular Science will help you free up space on your hard drive. Without getting lost in the quagmire of tech mumbo-jumbo, the article offers clear and simple tips for any computer user (like getting rid of older apps and physically cleaning specific parts of your machine). Your computer will thank you by cutting down on your load times.

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