Paris Attack, U.S. Weighs WikiLeaks Charges, and More

A gunman shot a police officer and wounded two others on Champs-Élysées, a famous tourist destination in Paris. The gunman was killed, and ISIS has claimed responsibility. 

The attack occurred just days before the French head to the polls for the start of the country’s presidential election. President Donald Trump condemned the attack, saying that it would have an effect on the elections. 

Analysts agree, saying that an attack could tip the scales in favor of a president who is tough on crime and terrorism. The outcome of the election is being watched for signs that Europe is moving toward nationalist candidates who advocate the European Union’s dissolution. Read the story from NPR

Possible Charges Against WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks last month released thousands of documents that it says reveal secrets about the CIA’s cyberespionage tools for breaking into computers, phones, and TVs. It previously published State Department cables and embarrassed the U.S. military with hundreds of thousands of logs from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

And now the U.S. is looking to press charges against WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, alleging that they played in active role in getting this information. Read the story from The AP

Executions in Arkansas

Arkansas carried out its first execution in more than 10 years on Thursday night. The state originally set four double executions over an 11-day period in April, because one of the chemicals used in the executions is going to expire at the end of this month. Three of those executions were canceled this week because of court decisions. Another inmate scheduled for execution next week has received a stay. Read the story from The AP.

Remembering Prince

Prince are gathering at Paisley Park, which has been turned into a museum, to commemorate the late singer’s legacy. Read the story from The AP

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