March for Science, Juicero’s Rise and Fall, and More

Saturday is Earth Day, but it’s also when people around the country will gather to march in the name of science. 

The main March for Science is in Washington, D.C., but walks are planned in all 50 states, as well as around the world: At least 610 marches have been registered on the March for Science website on all continents except Antarctica. Read the story from NPR.

The Trouble With Juicero

The Juicero juicer is a $400 machine that was slated to “disrupt” the juicing industry. But a scathing review from Bloomberg showed that the machine wasn’t needed to squeeze juice out of the prepackaged fruit and vegetable packets. Read about Juicero’s rise and fall in the Atlantic.

Power Outages

The massive failure of a circuit breaker that sparked a fire at a power substation caused massive power outages across San Francisco on Friday. Around 90,000 customers in the Financial District were left in the dark for most of the day, but no injuries were reported. Read the story from The AP

Running is Contagious

A new study shows that the act of running might be contagious among groups and between pairs of friends. So stop procrastinating, grab your sneakers — and a buddy — and hit the pavement. Read the story in Popular Science.