Trump’s First 100 Days, North Korea Attempts Another Test, and More

Today is President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, an arbitrary marker that offers an easy way to measure a president’s success. 

In these 100 days, Trump promised a health care overhaul, tax reform, and tougher borders. Here’s a look at what Trump has been able to accomplish in the first three months of his presidency. Read the story from The AP

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Another Failed Launch

Trump said that the North Koreans “disrespected” China with its latest launch, which officials say failed. The is the second time in a month that North Korea has tried and failed a missile launch. Read the story from The AP.

Ellen DeGeneres

It’s been 20 years since Ellen DeGeneres’ historic “coming-out” episode. Read the story from The AP.

NRA Annual Meeting

This week, Trump became the first sitting president to address the NRA since 1983. Read the story from The AP.