Trump’s “Tapes,” Free College in Tennessee, and More

With ‘Tapes’ Tweet, Trump Evokes Nixon’s White House

It’s been 44 years since President Nixon’s staff officially removed the recording system that had been installed in the Oval Office. Since then, it has not been standard practice for the White House to secretly record any conversations that take place within the West Wing. However, after a series of tweets from President Trump, it could be inferred that these secret recordings have once again become standard practice. Read the full story from The AP.

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Tennessee Legislature Passes Free Tuition Program

Tennessee is the first state in the country to create a program aimed specifically at providing free college tuition for students. However, the current program is only applicable to older adults without a college degree or professional certificate. Even so, the state hopes that this program will serve as a model for other states in the years to come. Read the full story from The AP.  

How We Finally Figured Out The Color of Dinosaur Feathers

In a recently published excerpt from The Evolution of Beauty, author Richard O. Prum explains how scientists actually figured out what the color of dinosaur feathers could have been, using nothing but fossil remains and advanced scientific techniques. Read the full story from Popular Science.

Like what you’ve read in the excerpt? Listen to the full audiobook on Scribd here.

See How Much Sugar Is Packed Into Healthy Food

Even if you’re eating “healthy food,” chances are there’s a lot more sugar in your diet than you think. That’s because sugar is a ubiquitous food product that’s used in manufacturing and can be found in everything from your favorite cold-pressed juice to your most abhorrent soda pop. Read the full — and disturbing — story from Popular Science.