Read Like A Neuroscientist with Mayim Bialik’s Reading List

With leading roles in both The Big Bang Theory and the ever-loved ’90s sitcom Blossom, Mayim Bialik is an actress defined by her ability to portray quirky, intelligent, and fully realized characters. Of course, Bialik is more than just an actress, and it’s when we look at her personal life that things get really interesting.

Bialik is a real-life, fully fledged neuroscientist with a doctorate from UCLA — which must come in handy when playing Amy Farrah Fowler, a character who is also a neuroscientist in The Big Bang Theory. She is also a mother, an “aspiring Modern Orthodox,” and an author with a taste for “deep, complicated literature.” What does someone with so many interests like to read?

These are the books that inspire our favorite neuroscientist/actor/author, Mayim Bialik.

Warrior: A Memoir

A former Marine platoon leader shares her story in this moving memoir about war, teamwork, and making hard choices. Most importantly, this book gives light to a new and updated definition of strong, focusing on battles won and lost and redefining what it means to be “perfect.”

Eating Animals

While he’s best known for his work in the field of fiction, Jonathan Safran Foer proves himself an accomplished nonfiction writer and thinker with this modern vegetarian’s manifesto. Eating Animals explores the moral decisions and ramifications behind consuming animals and animal products as well as the many traditions and myths from humanity’s long history of eating animals.

The Story of Ferdinand

Originally published in 1936, The Story of Ferdinand has proven itself as a timeless classic with an enduring and ever relevant message. If you’re not familiar, the story follows a bull who would rather spend his time enjoying nature than rough housing. Of course, everything changes the day he meets the men from Madrid.

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