Trump Allegations, Conan O’Brien Lawsuit, and More

The Washington Post on Monday reported that President Donald Trump divulged classified information to Russian officials during a meeting last week. The intel involved ISIS threats related to laptops on airplanes. 

In March, American and British officials announced a ban on large electronics on flights from some Middle East countries. At the time, officials said the ban was not prompted by any new or specific threats, but rather was based on awareness of continuing terrorist desires to target commercial aircraft.

Although the allegations that Trump revealed secrets are likely to make allies second-guess how they share intelligence with the U.S., Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, insisted that the sharing of information was routine and “wholly appropriate.” Read the story from The AP

» The Risk of Sharing Intelligence

Conan O’Brien Lawsuit

Comic writer Robert Alexander Kaseberg is suing Conan O’Brien, accusing the late-night host of stealing his material. And now a judge says the trial can continue: O'Brien lost an effort to toss out the federal copyright infringement lawsuit. Read the story from The AP.

Hackers Behind Global Malware Attack

Malware has infected an estimated 300,000 computers in 150 countries, but government officials say don’t blame them — blame hackers. Read the story from The AP

Comey Letters

Read the letters and documents regarding FBI Director James Comey’s firing by President Trump. 

Spinning Toys 

These 3-inch spinning gadgets are called Fidget spinners, and they’re the newest fad to hit the classroom. Read the story from The AP