Comey Leaves A Paper Trail, Ford Cuts Jobs, and More

The New York Times reported yesterday that the previous FBI Director, James Comey, left a paper trail which suggests that Trump attempted to interfere with the investigation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” Trump allegedly told Comey. “He is a good guy, I hope you can let this go.”

In light of this new information, talk of impeachment has begun to spread on both sides of the aisle as the alleged memo could be considered obstruction of justice. Read the full story from Mic.

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Ford to Cut 1,400 Jobs in North America, Asia

It was announced today that Ford is cutting approximately 1,400 jobs in North America and Asia Pacific in an effort to boost annual profits in the fiscal year. The company will offer voluntary retirement and separation packages to around ten percent of its staff at all levels. Read the full story from The AP.

Skittles and McDonald’s Pull ‘Upsetting’ Ads

Amid a run of ill-received advertisements from major brands, both Skittles and McDonald’s pulled recent ad campaigns due to possible backlash. The decision to pull these ads has been met with mixed reactions, though it may signal a change in the creative freedom that major brands offer the agencies who represent them. Read the full story from Ad Age.

Why Do We Feel Guilty About Using Vacation Days?

It has been reported that more than half of American’s chose not to use all of their vacation days in 2015, resulting in 658 million unused vacation days nationwide. But why is that? A recent study has suggested that there is a phenomenon in which the average worker feels guilty for using up all of their vacation days. Read the full story from Mic.