Robert Mueller Appointed As Special Counsel, Twitter Privacy Changes, and More

A special counsel has been appointed to oversee an investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. The man appointed to the job is Robert Mueller, who served as FBI Director for a period of 12 years. During that time Mueller oversaw the agency’s biggest overhaul in FBI history. Read the full story from NPR.

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What Twitter’s Privacy Change Means For You

Twitter updated their privacy terms in a move to become more like Facebook. The new terms suggest that Twitter wants to start tracking user’s behavior to provide more accurate and more targeted ads to their advertising partners. But how could this change affect you? Read the full story from The AP.

Scientists Glued Fake Caterpillars On Plants Worldwide. Here’s What Happened

In an effort to better understand the effect of caterpillars on varying environments, scientist completed a study in which they applied fake caterpillars to different plants all over the world. The results were, to put it simply, surprising. Read the full story from NPR.

Reactions To The Death Of Fox News Founder Roger Ailes


On Thursday, Fox News announced that their founder, Roger Ailes, had passed away at age 77. Many have offered their condolences publically, including former President George W. Bush. Read the full story from The AP.