Trump Lands in Saudi Arabia, 3-D-Printed Ovaries, and More

President Donald Trump is visiting five countries during his first overseas trip since taking office. It’s a key test of the Trump’s diplomatic skills and a chance to add substance to a foreign policy he has described broadly as “America First.”

His first stop is Saudi Arabia, where although his campaign was filled with anti-Saudi rhetoric — even his Twitter feed shows multiple tweets accusing Saudi Arabia of “freeloading” — there are still reasons the Saudi leaders may welcome him. Read the story from NPR

A Small Step Toward Treating Infertility

Doctors have successfully used a 3-D printer to create mouse ovaries, which are capable of producing healthy offspring. This could be the first step toward treating infertility in humans. Read the story from NPR

Trump Vs. Comey

According to a report, Trump told Russian officials that his firing of “nut job” James Comey has taken the pressure off him, even though the White House denies that Comey was fired over the Russia investigation. Read the story from The AP

Iranian Elections

President President Hassan Rouhani has won re-election by almost 20 percent. Rouhani has been seen as a reformer in Iran’s largely conservative society. He has embraced modest efforts to reach out to the rest of the world in his first term. Read the story from NPR


Slack Etiquette

Slack is a workplace productivity platform that promises to replace email. It’s valued at nearly $4 billion, and has a long list of clients, including Airbnb, BuzzFeed, NASA, and even Scribd. But although there’s no wrong way to do it, there are some features that are underutilized. The company’s head of global marketing explains how the company uses its own product in this story from Ad Age