White House Communications Director Resigns, British Airways Delays, and More

Another White House staffer has resigned. 
Michael Dubke, the White House communication director, served only three months on the job. It’s unclear whether other staff moves are imminent; the president has blamed the administration’s rough start on the White House’s communications strategy. Read the story from The AP

Rough Weekend for British Airways

On Saturday, a “major IT systems failure” at British Airways disrupted around 75,000 passengers’ flights. And on the third day, they’re still not quite at 100% capacity. Read the story from NPR


Macron and Putin Meet

The French president did not mince words when he said that Russian state media outlets Russia Today and Sputnik are “agents of influence and propaganda.” Read the story from The Atlantic

Tiger Woods Arrested

Tiger Woods was booked on Monday on suspicion of driving under the influence. But he wasn’t drunk. For the first time ever, drivers in fatal crashes are more likely to be on drugs than alcohol. Read the story from The Atlantic


Manuel Noriega Dies at 83

This story from The Atlantic looks at the American involvement with the former Panamanian dictator, and what came afterward.