Paris Climate Accord, Search For New FBI Director Continues, and More

In 2015, around 200 countries pledged to reduce carbon emissions in an effort to combat global warming. And now President Donald Trump is considering pulling the United States out of the deal. 
Pulling out of the Paris accord would fulfill one of Trump’s campaign promises, and he’s called climate change a “hoax” in the past. Still his feelings on the subject have wavered since he won the election; officials both abroad and in the U.S. — including the pope — are pushing him to remain in the deal. Read the story from The AP

New FBI Director

Weeks after he fired James Comey, Trump is still on the hunt for a new FBI director. As recently as last week, Sen. Joe Lieberman was thought to be a frontrunner for the job, but he announced he was pulling his name out of consideration. A former TSA boss is among the candidates who are still in the running. Read the story from The AP

Bombing in Kabul

At least 80 people were killed and more than 350 wounded Wednesday after a powerful truck bomb struck Kabul’s diplomatic quarter. Read the story from The Atlantic.

Kathy Griffin Apologizes

The comedian held up what looked like the bloodied severed head of the president in a short video, calling it an “artsy fartsy statement.” The video has since been removed. Read the story from The AP

Call My Cell

The president has allegedly been giving out his personal phone number to world leaders, urging them to call him directly. This not only breaks diplomatic protocol, but also raises concerns about how secure the president’s communications are. Read the story from The AP


A Tennessee hockey fan is in hot water after throwing a catfish on the ice — a Tennessee Predators fan tradition — during the opening of the Stanley Cup Final. His team lost. Read the story from The AP

Trump’s Twitter Gaffe

What’s a “covfefe”? You’ll have to ask the president. Read the story from NPR

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