Macron Wins in a Landslide, the MTV Awards, and More

France’s centrist Emmanuel Macron won a decisive victory over the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s election. While Le Pen’s nationalist party performed better than expected in the primaries, her loss Sunday indicates a potentially changing tide against the forces that led to Brexit and President Trump’s election. Read the story from NPR. 

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The annual MTV awards were held last night, with big wins going to Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson, and the Netflix series Stranger Things. The show has long defied awards show convention, and this year continued the trend: there were no gendered awards, with men and women competing within the same categories for awards like Best Actor. And, in another demonstration of the show’s progressive nature, the award for best kiss went to Jharelle Jerome and Ashton Sanders for their kiss in Moonlight. Read the story from the AP. 


President Obama spoke publicly about the ACA for the first time since the House voted to dismantle much of the health care bill. He urged Congress to demonstrate courage and buck party politics to maintain the health insurance of millions. While it remains unclear how the bill will fare in the Senate’s vote, it seems unlikely that it will pass as it currently stands. Read the story from the AP.

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