States React To Trump’s Climate Change Decision, National Spelling Bee, and More

On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced that the United State was pulling out of the Paris climate accord. America joins only two other nations, Syria and Nicaragua, not participating in the agreement that’s aimed at cutting global greenhouse gas emissions.
Although it could be years before the country can formally exit the voluntary accord, three Democratic governors have announced that they will not back away from the agreement and will continue to commit to reducing greenhouse emissions. Read the story from The AP

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National Spelling Bee Crowns Winner

The National Spelling Bee came up with a procedure this year in case there was a tie. But for the first time in four years, it wasn’t necessary. Read the story from NPR

NBA Finals: Game 1

The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-91. And the reason they lost was pretty clear. Read the story from NPR

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Blue Apron IPO

Meal delivery service Blue Apron is on track to go public. Mic explains everything you need to know if you want a piece of that stock. 

It’s Pride Month!

June is when LGBTQ people and allies from around the world commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots, often with parades and celebrations. This story from Mic highlights businesses that are donating proceeds to organizations that support and protect the LGBT community.