Election Hacking Hearings, Uber CEO Steps Down, and More

A Senate committee is hearing from officials at DHS and the FBI’s counterintelligence division about Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election. And the picture that officials are painting looks bleak. 
According to the FBI’s top counterintelligence official, the Russians “used fake news and propaganda and they also used online amplifiers to spread the information to as many people as possible.” And according to Geoffrey Hale, who works with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, 21 states reported that their systems — mostly involved with voter registration databases — had been scanned, but there were no signs of any other successful intrusions. NPR lays out five questions likely to be on lawmakers’ minds as they listen to witnesses and ask questions. 

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Uber CEO Steps Down

Travis Kalanick, who has been battling allegations about the ride-hailing company’s culture, has resigned under pressure from investors. Uber made a series of missteps under Kalanick that damaged its reputation, including revelations of sexual harassment in its offices, allegations of trade secrets theft, and a federal investigation into efforts to mislead local government regulators. Read the story from The Associated Press.

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Media Brands Try To Reach Younger Audiences

Tuesday was a big day for new media companies. Time Warner will invest $100 million in Snapchat shows and ads. And Vice Media is getting a $450 million investment from private equity group TPG, in a deal that values the youth-focused brand at $5.7 billion. Read the story from The Financial Times

Secret Health Care Bill

Senate Republicans are back at trying to come up with a health care bill that replaces the Affordable Care Act. Although they’re being secretive and coy — or maybe out of the loop — about what’s included, NPR lays out what we know so far

U.S., China, and North Korea

The U.S. is pushing China to rein in companies that deal with North Korea. U.S. lawmakers are pressing for a tough response against Pyongyang over its treatment of the 22-year-old university student, who was accused of trying to steal a propaganda banner while visiting with a tour group and was convicted of subversion. Read the story from The AP

Hot, Hot, HOT

A heat wave is sweeping the country, and 120-degree temperatures in Phoenix means planes can’t even take off. Popular Science explains why

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