Facebook’s New Mission, Qatar’s Diplomatic Standoff, and More

Over the last several months, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been traveling the country, talking to “real” people. Many speculated that this was because he was prepping for a political career, perhaps a run for office in 2020 (he denied this, when asked).

In a 25-minute speech on Thursday, Zuckerberg disclosed the real purpose of his travels: to learn about human behavior, in the physical and digital worlds, so that he could build a better product.
And that means a new mission, where instead of bringing more users to the platform, the company will now focus on users’ activities on the platform. Read the story from NPR

Qatar’s Diplomatic Standoff

If the Arab country wants to end its diplomatic standoff with its neighbors, it will have to comply with a steep list of demands. And it has 10 days to do it. Read the story from NPR.

London Building Fire

The source of the fire that ripped through a 24-story building last week in London was a refrigerator. But investigators also say some of the building’s exterior materials failed safety tests. Read the story from NPR

World Population

The world will reach a whopping population of 9.8 billion people by 2050. But growth is slowing. Read the story from NPR

Up Next For Bill Cosby

Following a deadlocked jury and mistrial in his sexual assault case, Bill Cosby wants to organize town hall meetings to help educate young people about problems their misbehavior could create and other issues. Read the story from The AP.

Egg Evolution

After studying 50,000 samples, scientists have finally figured out why eggs are shaped the way they are. Read the story from NPR