Senate Republicans Delay Health Care Vote, Train Derailment in New York, and More

Afraid that they wouldn’t get enough votes to pass their health care bill, Senate Republicans have delayed the vote till after the July 4 recess. Read the story from The Atlantic.

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New York Subway Derailment

A subway train derailment that injured nearly three dozen people and sparked major delays is being blamed on human error, not a track defect. Read the story from The AP

CNN Employees Quit

Three investigative journalists have quit after the network retracted a story about a congressional inquiry into a link between Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci and a Russian investment fund. Read the story from NPR

John McEnroe

In his new book “But Seriously,” a more nuanced McEnroe emerges: a calmer, more introspective and at times sentimental version of his still-opinionated self. Read the story from NPR

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