Parts of Travel Ban Go Into Effect, Pope Adviser Charged With Sexual Assault, and More

Tighter restrictions on travel to the U.S. from six mostly Muslim nations take effect Thursday evening. Earlier this week, the the Supreme Court gave its go-ahead for a limited version of President Donald Trump’s plans for a ban. 

Visa applicants from the six countries — and all refugees — will need to show close family or business ties to the United States. Read the story from The AP

Pope Adviser Charged With Sexual Assault

Police in Australia say they have charged Roman Catholic Cardinal George Pell with “historical sexual offenses.” Pell denies the charges, and says he’s a victim of “relentless character assassination.” Read the story from NPR

Facebook Moderators

A set of training materials leaked to ProPublica reveal the guidelines for what Facebook moderators should consider “hate speech” and what counts as an attack that should be taken down, or could trigger an account suspension. According to the internal documents, Facebook trains its censors to delete hate speech against “protected categories,” including white males, but to allow attacks on “subsets” such as female drivers and black children. Read the report from ProPublica.