Congress Comes to an Agreement on Russia Sanctions

On Saturday, Congress reached a decision to impose sanctions on Russia for its election-meddling and for the invasion of Crimea. It also gives Congress veto power that could block Trump from easing sanctions on Moscow. 

The bill, which also includes sanctions against North Korea and Iran, puts the president in a tough spot. Trump has said he needs flexibility when dealing with Russia. But if he were to veto this bill, it would appear he’s too close with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Read the story from The Atlantic

Migrants Trapped in Trailer Truck

Police in San Antonio, Texas, discovered a trailer in a Walmart parking lot with at least eight people dead inside and dozens of others in serious condition. The migrants were discovered after someone who escaped from the truck approached a Walmart employee and asked for water. Read the story from The Atlantic

Health Care Bill

The health care bill is back up for vote this week. The AP rounds up five reasons why it would fail, and three why it might not.