Government Ethics Chief Resigns, G-20 Protests Turn Violent, and More

The government ethics director, whose office has clashed with the Trump administration over conflicts of interest, has resigned to take on a new job. 

Walter Shaub was expected to leave the job at the end of the term, but is now leaving six months early. He will will start a new job as senior director of ethics at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit watchdog. 

“It’s clear that there isn’t more I could accomplish,” Shaub said. Read the story from The Atlantic

G-20 Protests Turn Violent

Demonstrators threw bottles and stones, and police responded by firing water cannons and using pepper spray. Organizers canceled one protest march because of the violence. Police, expecting 100,000 protesters, sent out 20,000 officers to patrol. Read the story from NPR

222,000 Jobs Added

The U.S. economy added jobs in health care, social assistance, financial activities, and mining last month. But wage growth hasn’t topped 4 percent since 2008. Read the story from NPR

France Wants To Ban Gas and Diesel Cars

France’s Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot announced on Thursday that the country wants to do away with the sale of gas and diesel cars by 2040. This comes a day after Volvo announced that it’s going all in on electric and hybrid by 2019. Read the story from NPR