Are We One Step Closer To ‘Designer Babies’?

An international team of scientists has figured out a way to edit the DNA in human embryos, aimed at helping families plagued by genetic diseases. 

None of the embryos were used to try to create a baby. But if future experiments confirm the techniques are safe and effective, the scientists say the same approach could be used to prevent a long list of inheritable diseases. Read the story from NPR

New Legislation Could Limit Legal Immigration

There’s been a huge debate about immigrants in the U.S. illegally, but the administration is looking to cut the number of legal immigrants allowed into the country by half. Read the story from NPR

Congress Slaps Sanctions on Russia and Others

The sanctions are in retaliation for Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. President Trump grudgingly signed the legislation into law on Wednesday, calling it “significantly flawed.” Read the story from The AP.

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Teen Jumps Out of Plane

A 17-year-old jumped out of an emergency door after the Copa Airlines flight arrived from Central America to San Francisco International Airport, minutes after the plane landed. He then slid down the wing and jumped onto the tarmac. Read the story from The AP

Apple’s Next Venture Might Be Augmented Reality

During an earnings call on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company will embed AR-ready technology into its iPhones later this year, potentially setting the stage for a rush of new apps that blur the line between reality and digital representation in new and imaginative ways. Read the story from The AP