Treasury Secretary’s Wife Sparks Internet Furor

Louise Linton, who often travels with her husband, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, tagged high-end designer items she was wearing in an Instagram picture of herself walking off a U.S. government jet in Kentucky. When a commentator wrote, “Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable,” Linton sparked an Internet firestorm by responding with condescending, personal attacks, including calling the commentator “out of touch.” Read the story from NPR.

Dakota Access Pipeline Owner Sues Greenpeace For ‘Criminal Activity’

Describing Greenpeace and several other environmental organizations as “rogue eco-terrorist groups,” developer Energy Transfer Partners alleges the groups tried to block its Dakota Access Pipeline with “campaigns of misinformation,” and is suing for racketeering and defamation. Greenpeace says the lawsuit aims “to silence free speech through expensive, time-consuming litigation.” Read the story from NPR.

U.S. Government Backs Off Bid to Get Data on Visitors to Anti-Trump Website

A public outcry forced the Department of Justice to narrow the scope of a search warrant it served to web hosting service DreamHost. Initially, the DOJ was seeking personal information on 1.3 million visitors to an anti-Trump website. Read the story from The Guardian.

ESPN Reassigns Sportscaster Named Robert Lee

The network pulled Asian-American announcer Robert Lee from his assignment to cover a football game at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, “because of the coincidence of his name,” provoking a backlash. Read the story from The Atlantic.


How To Tell If Watching the Eclipse Damaged Your Eyes

After crowds coast-to-coast watched the Great American Eclipse on Monday, some people’s awe turned to concern about their eyes. While people who used eclipse glasses or watched indirectly are most likely fine, it can take up to 12 hours before damage is known. Read the story from NPR.